A visitor from Lebanon or a trip to the homeland usually means one of two things, jewelry or nuts!   

And sometimes both if you're lucky. This is a tradition in most Arab cultures, actually many cultures for that matter. However, this souvenir is definitely not your bobble head from Alcatraz or lousy run of the mill tee shirt. *insert the beginning of another story here*

This is a sterling silver or 14k gold little trinket, perhaps an opal hamsa, nameplate or a rhinestone Allah (swt), cedar tree or even a little flower or butterfly. Just the sweetest most delicate thing. 

I always adored getting these treasures from my aunties, tata or parents. I have them tucked away in a special collection box. They inspire me and make me feel nostalgic everytime I open the box. 

I hope to bring the same feeling to my creations, something that becomes treasured and adored for years to come. My grandmother once told me that jewelry making was mens business and I ought to go back to teaching. Well, imagine that but through a pursed frown, crossed arms and also in arabic... love you tata.

One thing I am honored to have done is send some gems that I hand made with my mama for my cousins and aunties back home. Oh, sweet Libnan I hope to see you soon and bring you some more of my sparkles from across the sea.