This year has been an entanglement of epic proportions. The first half of the year seen me in an emotional and financial rollercoaster where I choose to  involve myself in other peoples lives. 

I don't often foresee my helpful nature leaving me depleted and forelorn, but sometimes the candle burns at both ends, and sometimes we have to tell ourselves that it's time to light the next one. 

Is that too vague? I love with my whole heart and in being a rising Taurus that often coincides with a rising bill too. 

All that to say. That is where my mind has been. I have been back at summer shows and they have been amazing, I'm sending out some gems to my shops soon and I can't wait to see more of you adorned in my quartz. 

I hope todays message gives you comfort that finding balance and avoiding chaos are hard. Be kind to yourself. 

Your sister in gems.