A year of investing in a full-time job got me nearly to the same place I was before unless we take perspective into account. 

I still have difficulty finding the words to capture my experience at Selbstgesponnen*fully. I could sit down and write a novel or at least a novella, and perhaps I will once I have fully processed what happened. 

There are many factors regarding relationships, familial, friendly, or work. The number one among them is trust. You must trust people to meet your basic needs or at least be accountable for their actions or inactions to ensure healthy attachments. 

Lack of trust in the workplace has a negative impact on employee engagement, turnover, team morale, and the company's bottom line. It happens via poor communication, lack of transparency, micromanagement, inconsistent leadership, and favoritism. 

I took a leadership role to help the boss assess these areas, and even after setting up communication systems, suggesting things that would boost morale and consistency, and calling for transparency over and over, those things still needed to be met. In fact, what I uncovered was way more upsetting. If you knew the kitten story - l8r - then you would understand fully why this was - not so cute. 

Temperament, grudges, and ego eventually took the whole ship down. 

Back to perspective, remember that two things can be true at once. Selbstgesponnen was where I met and connected with some of the most brilliant entrepreneurs, artists, and artisans Indy offers. I have so many special memories, connections, and lasting friendships that I am grateful for the experience and deeply saddened that it had to end.

As always, it was handcrafted with heart because that was one of Selbstgesponnen's core values. 

*Selbstgesponnen is German for where I worked this last year*. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you will know that's where I spent most of my energy for the past year. 

*year - I also worked for Selbstgesponnen for five years before my youngest was born. I coordinated at a different location, running workshops, events, and the gallery. I also helped direct several pop-up events and Indy's first market faire. Not only that, but they were integral to the beginnings of Salame Jewelry Designs!

  *Selbstgesponnen - because my eldest is learning German, and I don't know if I am supposed to use a pseudonym because of the grief and trauma that is, unfortunately, a part of the continued story of this place. I haven't signed an NDA, so it's not an issue. Plus, look at the photo. lol